Thursday, February 19, 2015

A power shift

I'm really glad I'm not a teacher. Over the last several years its become apparent to me, the power of authority has shifted from the teachers to the students.

There is no question that teachers in certain cases have abused the authority vested in them by the school district for their own personal gain. However, as a general rule, I believe most teachers take very seriously their responsibility of protecting and educating the kids in the classroom.

It's my opinion that many of the problems in the classroom today are caused by parents who are afraid or unwilling to discipline their children at home. At times I am astonished by the absolute disregard of authority I see from today's students. As a parent I believe it's my duty to raise my children in such a way that they will show the proper respect to those who are in charge. Especially when it comes to dealing with the teachers in their school.

I want to clarify that I would never condone a teacher physically abusing a student. They have no right to lay their hands on someone else's child. However, they do have the authority to control their classroom to insure students are provided a safe and secure learning environment. They should be able to do to this without the fear have of losing their job because one student got their feelings hurt while being disciplined.

As I said at the very start of this post I'm very glad that I'm not a teacher.

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