Monday, February 16, 2015

Don't Have Sex

It seems like just yesterday my daughter was just a little baby. Now she's going to the movies with her boyfriend. Bleh. 14 years have gone by in the blink of an eye. I'll readily admit I was not ready for this stage of life: Menstrual cycles and boyfriends to be very specific.

I know she is going to keep "growing up" and I might as well prepare myself for everything that comes along with "growing up." But I don't have to like it. The thought of some boy kissing my daughter makes me want to hit something (including him). But I won't. I can't. That's no way for a grown man to act. 

I haven't even met him yet. He's met my wife and the first thing he does is tell her an inappropriate joke. No respect. So needless to say I don't like him. 

Hopefully, they will break up soon. I've tried to explain to my daughter she should at least be with someone who has enough sense to be respectful to her parents. I've asked her if he is an idiot. Her reply: "Yes, he's an idiot." Great she knows he's an idiot but still wants to date him. Parenting failure. 

This has been my advice to my daughter for the last two years:

I hope it works.


  1. Two things I are doing to do what they want to do, and it makes a HUGE difference in a young girl's life when her Dad is in the picture. It sounds as if you've got a young lady with a good head on her shoulders. (
    14 years old? You can't tell them anything, can you? lolz)

  2. Totally agree with what TBR said above; it does make a difference when the dad is actively involved. Teen years are fun years :)


  3. According to my daughter, I'm overly involved. ;)

    1. One day in the long future, your daughter will look on your overly involvement from a different perspective, knowing how much you care. A fact of life: we all have to travel that rocky road of growing up. I'm proud of you; so many fathers just don't give a big hoot about their children.